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The Rahn Story 

 Family is Life & Life is Wine 

First and foremost we are a family. The land and vineyards are a part of us. We found Howell Mountain in Napa Valley to be the place to plant our hillside vineyard and our family's roots. Wine is not a second career or hobby for us. This work has always been our profession and passion.

This is who we are.

We are Winemakers and Winegrowers

We are experts in our field, with generations of experience, working with and for elite wine-growing professionals.  Bryan has been a leader in Viticulture since the '80s and has revolutionized irrigation management, soil health/green practices, and reducing the carbon footprint of vineyards.  

All of Bryan's experience has been applied to his dream vineyard. And together as a family, we made that dream a reality. We designed, developed, and manage all Rahn Estate vineyards.

This is Our Future


The future of Rahn Estate means that we are family-run for generations to come. This future was realized at a young age by both Dylan and Hannah. They discovered that they have a chance to make something special together as brother and sister. They grew up working in vineyards, studying their trades in school, and earning respect in their respective fields. They're following in their parent's footsteps and continue the legacy set down by their family. 

With hard work, a little luck, and family, the Rahn's can continue their legacy, for years to come.

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