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The true matriarch of the vineyard, Andrea’s block is the perfect balance of sun, soil, and love. The different rootstocks gives us the ability to harvest at different times, which lets us craft our wine specifically to our vineyard.  


As it is closest to our home, this block is where we spend most of our evenings taking in the sunset views and walking our ranch dog, Parker.    

Andrea’s block elegantly adds flavors of currant, plum, and black cherry. 


Acres: 1.56

Clone: 337

Rootstock: 101-14/ 110R


Dylan's Block

Deep volcanic soils and cool temperatures define Dylan’s block. We can count on it for bold flavors and deep color. This block is also the highest yielding in Rahn Estate.  

The complexity of flavors within this block gives our wine its depth such as blackberry, black cherry, and fresh figs.

Acres: 1.73

Clone: 337 

Rootstock: 101-14 / 110R




This block is the highest elevation in the vineyard. With its varying soils and clone diversity, it makes this block the spice rack of Rahn Estate. The shallow rocky soils help concentrate flavors. The top of the vineyard is one of the most serene places on the property, with views overlooking the entire vineyard, the surrounding forests, and Mt. St Helena.

Acres: 1.24

Clone: 191 & 4

Roostock: 1103P / 110R / 101-14

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