Vineyard quality starts with the soil, the care of the land, and knowledge of the grower 


-Dylan Rahn

2013 Rahn Estate Grenache-Mourvedre

2013 Rahn Estate Grenache-Mourvedre


These specially selected clones of Grenache and Mourvedre were co-fermented to produce
this luscious wine with ripe, dark fruit flavors and chocolate undertones. It is like sipping a
glass of ripe berries dusted with a hint cocoa powder.

A proprietary clone of Grenache was selected from a vineyard with small, dark berries and
deep flavors. The Mourvedre TCVS clone A was produced from Château de Beaucastel & 39's
French grapevine cuttings. The berries from the Beaucastel clones are small and sweet, with
thick skins and intense flavors.


Our blend is 50% Grenache / 50% Mourvedre from our farmed vineyards.