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First and foremost we are a family. The land and vineyards are a part of us. We found Howell Mountain in Napa Valley to be the place to plant our hillside estate vineyards and our family's roots. Wine is not a second career or hobby for us. It has always been our profession and passion.

This is who we are.

We are Winemakers and Winegrowers

Our wines are about a place. Great wines are grown in the vineyard and nurtured in the winery. Our wines express our unique Terroir of the land and climate. We designed, developed, and manage all Rahn Estate vineyards with our specific wine in mind. We are experts \ We carefully tend our wines, select barrels to complement each vintage, and taste every wine to select the final blends.

We are vineyard consultants

We founded and operate a vineyard consulting company based in Napa Valley, Coastal Viticultural Consultants, Inc. Our consulting clientele includes top wineries in the ultra-premium wine growing regions of California. Through our consulting business we work with world-class winemakers in many wine regions. We have had the unique opportunity to evaluate how different climates, farming practices, rootstocks and grape varieties (and their clones) influence wine. 

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