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A Grape Day for Pressing

Rahn Estate 2021 Cabernet Winemaking Update!

Hey Friends! We wanted to give you a quick winemaking update on the Rahn Estate 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon as Hannah and Francisco are hard at work. The family all got together to taste test and evaluate the wine as we press it off of the skins.

Under the watchful eyes of Fransisco, it walked elegantly through the fermentation process. Hannah's winemaking expertise guiding each step taken. Then, when it was ready, the time has come to get those grapes off those beautiful skins!

The Rahn family all congregated at the winery and did a taste test as the juice is slowly pressed off of the skins. This is important to be aware of how much pressure is applied to the wine/skin mixture, as to not cause undesired flavors to be squeezed out of their resting places in the skins.

With care and love, we pressed off the wine. We tasted through each change (as the pressure goes up) and found our perfect spot! With smiles all around, we ran our juice out and into our barrels to begin the aging process.

We cant wait to share our adventure with you soon!

Until next time friends.

-Dylan Rahn

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