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Harvest, Harvest, Harvest

One word. Harvest! We are rocking the 2021 Harvest here at Rahn Estate and we are so excited to get the fruit into the winery. We have been lucky enough to have some great cruising weather for our grapes, and a short heatwave made the perfect onset of ripening & harvest.

Harvest began around 12AM with our tractors and crews running in what Dylan calls, "organized chaos." Our skilled crews worked under the star-filled skies. With headlights on, picking knives in hand, and the grumble of tractors following close behind, the talented crews of CVC got it done.

With wineries all over Napa Valley having fruit delivered at almost the same time, we were fortunate enough to have our prize make its way right onto the wine-making floor. Under the watchful eyes of Hannah and Francisco, our grapes came straight from Dylan's harvest crews and began the journey to making exemplary wine.

(Parker, our ranch dog, was on quality control and confirms, they are in fact grapes)

For now, we take a breath and are thankful for the harvest brought in. The Rahn Family team does it again. #harvest2021 #cabernet #napa #howellmountain

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